About APAC
Founded in July 1998, APAC Opto Electronics Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of high performance fiber optical transmission components for Local Area Networks(LANs), Wide Area Networks(WANs), Storage Networks(SANs), Metropolitan Area Networks(MANs) and Access Networks (ANs) in Taiwan.

The company supplies a broad range of optical communication components including O/E transceivers, Sub Modules and Ethernet Products globally to manufacturers of communications for internet service providers and telecommunications operating companies.

OFC 2018 (Mar. 13, 2018~Mar. 15, 2018)

Date: Mar. 13, 2018~Mar. 15, 2018 Booth No: 6119

Photonix (FOE) 2018 (Apr. 4, 2018~Apr. 6, 2018)

Date : Apr. 4, 2018~Apr. 6, 2018 Booth No : W10-22

ECOC 2017 (Sep. 18, 2017~Sep. 20, 2017)

Date: Sep. 18, 2017~Sep. 20, 2017 Booth No: 172


Based on the spirit of "Respect, Expertise & Sharing" and the company quality motto, APAC Opto will offer our customers the best product at the best price with the focus on growing the customer relationship to create a win-win outcome.
APAC Opto pledges to maintain close association with research and production partners so to achieve the company goal of "Innovation, Quality & Customer Satisfaction".

New Product
NBASE-T Copper Transceiver
1.10Gbps links up to 35 meters using Cat6a/7 cable
2.100M/1G/2.5G/5Gbps links up to 100 meters using Cat5e cable
3.Low power consumption
․ 2.2W Max, 35m @ 10Gbps, 75°C
․ 1.88W Max, 100m @ 5Gbps, 75°C
․ 1.58W Max, 100m @ 2.5Gbps, 75°C
4.IEEE 802.3az/bz compliance
5.SFF-8431 and SFF-8432 MSA compliance
6.Access EEPROM/PHY IC via 2-wire serial bus
7.I2C to MDIO bridge (support IEEE 802.3 clause 45)
8.Fast retrain and EMI cancellation algorithm
9.RoHS Compliance
10.+3.3V single power supply
11.Temperature range : 0°C ~ +75°C
10GBASE-T SFP+ Copper Transceiver
Features :
1. 10Gbps Link up to 100 Meters with Cat 6a/7 Cable
2. IEEE 802.3az Compliant
3. SFF-8431 and SFF-8432 MSA Compliant
4. Detailed Product Information in EEPROM
5. Access to Physical Layer IC via 2-wire Serial Bus
6. I2C to MDIO Bridge (IEEE 802.3 Clause 45)
7. Hot-pluggable SFP Footprint
8. Compliant with SFP MSA
9. Fully Metallic Enclosure for Low EMI
10. Compact RJ-45 Connector Assembly
11. Compliant with RoHS