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Environmental Policy

Environmental policy

1. 實施ISO 14001的環境管理系統。
2. 持續改善製程,使製程能源消耗降低,減少不必要的資源浪費。
3. 符合政府環保法規或相關團體的要求。
4. 產品應朝綠色設計之要求進行開發設計。
5. 實施教育訓練,提高員工的環保意識。
6. 加強污染源的管理管制,注重污染防治工作。
7. 節約能源,並作好資源回收。

As the spirit of corporate environmental policy, an adequate environmental management system in line with the ISO standard 14001 is established at APAC Opto, where natural resources preservation, pollution prevention, and waste reduction are esteemed as the management goals. The key elements covered in the environmental policy are depicted as follows

  1. Effective implementation of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.
  2. Continuous improvement on manufacturing processes to reduce natural resource consumption.
  3. Compliance with applicable environmental codes and regulatory standards.
  4. Devotion to green product design and development.
  5. Personnel training to enhance employee environmental protection awareness.
  6. Control of waste generation and pollution prevention.
  7. Natural resource recycling including energy conservation.