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Academia Sinica and APAC Cooperation Project


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Prototyping of a 25Gbps optical transmitter for application in high-energy Physics experiments
Development of optical links with 850 nm multi-mode vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) has advanced to 25 Gbps in speed. For applications in high-energy experiments, the transceivers are required to be tolerant in radiation and particle fields. We report on prototyping of a miniature transmitter named MTx+, which is developed for high speed transmission with the dual-channel laser driver LOCld65 and 850 nm VCSELs packaged in TOSA format. The LOCld65 is fabricated in the TSMC 65 nm process and is packaged in the QFN-40 for assembly. The MTx+ modules and test kits were first made with PCB and components qualified for 10 Gbps applications, and were tested for achieving 14 Gbps. The data transfer rate of the MTx+ module is investigated further for the speed of up to 25 Gbps. The LOCld65 is examined with post-layout simulation and the module design upgraded with components including the TOSA qualified for 25 Gbps applications. The PCB material is replaced by the Panasonic MEGTRON6. The revised MTx+ is tested at 25 Gbps and the eye-diagram shows a mask margin of 22%.

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