10G Mini SFF

Optical Transceiver

Optical Transceiver
Part Number Bit Rate(Mbps) Wavelength(nm) Media Reach Application TX Power (dBm) RX Sens. (dBm) Temp. Range (°C) Voltage PDF
LM24-H3S-TI-N 10.3125G 850 MMF 33m (OM1 Fiber) 82m (OM2 Fiber) 300m (OM3 Fiber) 400m(OM4 Fiber) 10GBASE-SW/SR Ethernet -1 ~ -7.1 < -11.1 -40 to 85 3.3V
LS34-H3S-TI-N 10.3125G 1310 SMF 6.6dB margin 10GBASE-LW/LR Ethernet +0.5 ~ -6 < -12.6 -40 to 85 3.3V


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Optical Transceiver
Optical Transceiver
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